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Target Setting

Discussion around how to set SMART targets.


  • Remember this is a 'journey' be brave and 'have a go!'! It would be great if we could share some targets at our next session and develop them even further. One of the most important things to think about when writing targets is can you 'see it' or can you 'hear it'. How do I know when there is success - 'What does this look like?'. Looking forward to seeing you at day 3!

  • Hi all,

    It was lovely to see you again for day 2. Another busy day! This comment is just to reinforce the importance of setting SMART targets, and the need to follow the process through from thinking about 'need' to specific target setting; identifying where the child is now and where you would like them to be - scaling; and then identify the intervention/approaches you are going to use to get them moving forwards.

    Have a go and let us know how you get on and/or if you want to clarify anything further... Best of LUCK!

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